The Queen of Jhansi and the recollection of Azaadi (the cause of the struggle for freedom) in Hindustan, now Bharat or India.

The Queen of Jhansi and the recollection of Azaadi (the cause of the struggle for freedom) in Hindustan, now Bharat or India.

Ithihaas gavaa hai kae eis zameen there have been many songs written on the history of the Indian subcontinent, Hindustan. Par khuun kae khuraag sae hi sathyapthi ka parampthi yaheen hai , yet it is through blood that new nations rise up to fight each other. In 1944 the world was at war. World War II spread all over this earth saari duniya chamak kae junoon pai hai the world thus enslaved spread its poison everywhere hindustan angrezo ka gulam hai pai. British India came to be seen as England’s slave.  Jahan eis vakth aazadi ki aag aasman chuu rahi hai, however, even in peril there was a fierce fight for Indian independence that galvanized masses in colonized British India. MK Gandhi led Satygraha or the insistence on truth became a rallying cry for freedom seeking individuals everywhere including nations that were already fighting for their survival under the tutelage of Nazi rules. The Independence granted to the colonies in 1947 however was a farce that none of the governing parties could agree with. Sakthi sakthi nav yuv shakthi jhansi raani navi surthari devi, kahani thi, jhansi raani raani thi. And in the midst of the bloody partition of British India into two separate and independent nations, Pakistan and India, rose another cry this time for the protection of newly separated homelands. The movie trailer of Manikarnika recollects the urgent call for strength and rescue through the telling of the legends surrounding the Bharatiya Queen Raani of Jhaansi. She had demonstrated in history that a woman could successfully lead an army; an army that passionately sought to take up the cause of liberty for their own well-being and prosperity.  Inspired by her, even till today, millions have thus taken up the cause for liberty. Similar victories in the Subcontinent have revived tellings, where the trailer of the movie, Manikarnika, revivies the glorious past of Rajputh India of which Jhaansi was a protectorate. These people believed that death was more liberating then a lost battle leading to a separation from their homelands. The movie to be released hopefully presents just such a queen Raani Jhaansi who was intended for both celebration and admiration historically and in today’s world.

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